Sunday, July 30, 2017

WarpPLS 6.0 upgraded to stable: power analyses, conditional probabilities, latent growth, endogeneity control, reciprocal relationships, and more!

Version 6.0 of WarpPLS is now available as a stable version. The following are among the new features: power analyses, conditional probabilities, latent growth, endogeneity control, and reciprocal relationships.

Please use one of the links below (long and shortened versions) to go to the WarpPLS blog post describing this version’s new features.

You can download and install it for a free trial of from:


Monday, July 10, 2017

Hands-On Workshop on PLS-SEM with WarpPLS; 12-13 August 2017; Penang, Malaysia

Structural equation modeling (SEM), or path analysis with latent variables, is one of the most general and comprehensive statistical analysis methods. Path analysis, multiple regression, ANCOVA, ANOVA and other widely used statistical analysis methods can be seen as special cases of SEM.

We will be conducting a two-day hands-on workshop on SEM employing partial least squares methods (PLS-SEM) with WarpPLS. This software conducts composite-based (e.g., PLS-based) as well as factor-based SEM analyses. Factor-based SEM combines the precision of covariance-based SEM with the flexibility and ease-of-use of composite-based SEM. The dates are 12-13 August 2017. The workshop will take place in Penang, Malaysia.

For more details, please go to: