Sunday, December 6, 2009

Structural equation modeling made easy with WarpPLS - YouTube video

Conducting a basic structural equation modeling (SEM) analysis using WarpPLS is relatively easy. The software takes the user through 5 steps, from project file creation to model building (using a graphical user interface) and viewing the results of the analysis.

One of the key problems encountered by users of SEM software is the need to fix their data source file to avoid problems during the analysis. For example, the source file usually cannot have missing values (empty cells), or the same name for each column (which may occur by mistake). WarpPLS takes care of those problems automatically. Source files may be Excel or text files (tab- or comma- delimited).

Take a look at the YouTube video below.

Choose the high quality (HQ) option for viewing the video clip above, if it is available (usually at the bottom of the video screen), and expand it to the full screen mode.

As you'll see at the end of the video, the project file is quite small, and it contains everything that is needed for the analysis.

You can even delete the source file, and there will be no problems; the source file can be re-generated using WarpPLS.

The project file can be copied into a separate project file, which the user can then open and change, by modifying the model for example, to conduct a different analysis.

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