Thursday, February 7, 2013

Hands-On Workshop on WarpPLS; 31 May - 1 June 2013; San Antonio, Texas

*** Two-Day Hands-On Workshop on WarpPLS: SEM Fundamentals with Linear and Nonlinear Applications ***

Structural equation modeling (SEM), or path analysis with latent variables, is one of the most general and comprehensive statistical analysis methods. Path analysis, multiple regression, ANCOVA, ANOVA and other widely used statistical analysis methods can be seen as special cases of SEM.

WarpPLS is a very user-friendly and powerful SEM software tool, arguably the first of its kind to implement linear and nonlinear algorithms. It provides one of the most extensive sets of SEM outputs. Among other things it automatically calculates indirect and total effects and respective P values, as well as full collinearity estimates.

This SEM fundamentals workshop (details below) is aimed at beginner and intermediate SEM practitioners. Among possible participants are those who are interested in: (a) being productive co-authors or research collaborators, even if not doing SEM analyses themselves; (b) conducting basic SEM analyses occasionally in the future; (c) conducting SEM analyses of intermediate complexity on a regular basis.

*** Registration and additional details ***


*** Instructor ***

Ned Kock, Ph.D.
WarpPLS Developer

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