Monday, October 15, 2018

Webinar series: Intermediate PLS-SEM using WarpPLS 6.0

Early Registration Ends 10/19: Intermediate PLS-SEM using WarpPLS 6.0.

Discounted $95 USD early registration ends October 19.

Live online 6-session webinar series: Intermediate PLS-SEM using WarpPLS 6.0 software. Webinar sessions on Fridays begin mid-November.

Visit Eventbrite registration site:

Webinar series agenda: (1) Explore different applications of full latent growth; (2) Explore conditional probabilistic queries; (3) Understand and use effective second-order latent variable models; (4) Conduct and report both composite-based and factor-based PLS-SEM analyses; (5) Use consistent PLS factor-based algorithms; (6) Test and control for endogeneity; (7) Understand and use more refined data imputation algorithms other than mean replacement; (8) Explore categorical-to-numeric and numeric-to-categorical conversion; (9) Explore power and minimum sample size requirements with PLS-SEM; and other contemporary intermediate topics.

Includes a certificate of completion signed by Dr. Ned Kock (developer of WarpPLS) and Dr. Geoffrey Hubona (associate professor of MIS and webinar series instructor). Also includes: 3-month fully-featured version of WarpPLS 6.0 software; all webinar series videos for download; all materials, data sets, project files, webinar series slides and readings.

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