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PLS Applications Symposium; 10-12 April 2024; Laredo, Texas

PLS Applications Symposium; 10-12 April 2024; Laredo, Texas
(Abstract submissions accepted until 16 February 2024)

*** Attendance (face-to-face or online) ***

The Symposium will be conducted as part of the multidisciplinary Annual Western Hemispheric Trade Conference, organized by the Center for the Study of Western Hemispheric Trade. Our workshop in PLS-SEM will be conducted entirely online. Our expectation is that participants will be allowed to attend Conference sessions either face-to-face or online.

When indicating the type of their submission, participants should indicate whether they intend to attend face-to-face or online. This should be done within parentheses after indicating the submission type. For example - "Type of submission: Presentation (online)".

*** Only abstracts are needed for the submissions ***

The partial least squares (PLS) method has increasingly been used in a variety of fields of research and practice, particularly in the context of PLS-based structural equation modeling (SEM). The focus of this Symposium is on the application of PLS-based methods, from a multidisciplinary perspective. For types of submissions, deadlines, and other details, please visit the Symposium’s web site:

*** Workshop on PLS-SEM ***

On 10 April 2024 a full-day workshop on PLS-SEM will be conducted only by Dr. Ned Kock and Dr. Geoffrey Hubona, using the software WarpPLS. Dr. Kock is the original developer of this software, which is one of the leading PLS-SEM tools today; used by thousands of researchers from a wide variety of disciplines, and from many different countries. Dr. Hubona has extensive experience conducting research and teaching topics related to PLS-SEM, using WarpPLS and a variety of other tools. This workshop will be hands-on and interactive, and will have two parts: (a) basic PLS-SEM issues, conducted in the morning (9 am - 12 noon) by Dr. Hubona; and (b) intermediate and advanced PLS-SEM issues, conducted in the afternoon (2 pm - 5 pm) by Dr. Kock. Participants may attend either one, or both of the two parts.

The following topics, among others, will be covered - Running a Full PLS-SEM Analysis - Conducting a Moderating Effects Analysis - Viewing Moderating Effects via 3D and 2D Graphs - Creating and Using Second Order Latent Variables - Viewing Indirect and Total Effects - Viewing Skewness and Kurtosis of Manifest and Latent Variables - Viewing Nonlinear Relationships - Solving Collinearity Problems - Conducting a Factor-Based PLS-SEM Analysis - Using Consistent PLS Factor-Based Algorithms - Exploring Statistical Power and Minimum Sample Sizes - Exploring Conditional Probabilistic Queries - Exploring Full Latent Growth - Conducting Multi-Group Analyses - Assessing Measurement Invariance - Creating Analytic Composites.

Ned Kock
Symposium Chair

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